Anadolu Efes XsOs: Back 2 Back EuroLeague Champs

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Anadolu Efes EuroLeague

Coach Antonios Kourmoulis shares XsOs from 2022 (and 2021) EuroLeague title winner, Anadolu Efes with FastDraw diagrams and video clips.

“Basketball is a simple game.”

Ergin Ataman, head coach of Anadolu Efes, said this to the media ahead of the 2022 EuroLeague Final Four in Belgrade, Serbia.

The Turkish powerhouse club from Istanbul then went on to defeat Olympiacos 77-74 to set up a meeting in the final with Spanish giant Real Madrid. Coach Ataman’s squad squeaked past the Spaniards by a point, 58-57, to lift the cup—for the second straight year, by the way.

The EuroLeague is loaded with talented players, coaches and teams. So how is it that Anadolu Efes is able to capture back-to-back crowns? It all comes down to Ataman’s coaching philosophy and style of play.

A Simple Recipe

“I never tell my players not to shoot, to not use an early fast break… I want them mentally to feel free on the court,” he explained in Belgrade. “This is my philosophy because I don’t want that my players when they come to play on the court will think too much about what coach is asking from them. I like to teach them before, in practice, in the preseason.How much you complicate the game will be more difficult for the players to show their potential in the game.

As we are all about coaches and coaching here at FMS, we ourselves have certainly been guilty of overcomplicating basketball at times. It’s so refreshing to hear a top level coach be so committed to this philosophy of empowering players to go out and play with clear minds and not too much micromanagement. Maximize space on offense, work as a team on defense, and play with freedom. Add an emphasis on building trust and chemistry, and what a simple recipe it is.

So well done Coach Ataman and Anadolu Efes. With that said, check out these sets from the squad’s run to lifting the cup, courtesy of FMS contributor Antonios Kourmoulis.

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Anadolu Efes – Top Plays in EuroLeague

[Click on a diagram to view more details of the set and to download it to your FastDraw library.]

Anadolu Efes – Chicago Action

Anadolu Efes – Pin to PNR

Anadolu Efes – Iverson PNR SLOB

Anadolu Efes – Stack Screen

Real Madrid – Zipper PNR

The massive club in Spain’s capital had a great competition. Only one point kept them from the title, remember. We felt like they deserved a play in here as well!

Can Anadolu Efes Three-peat?

A target will no doubt be on the Turkish club next season as the rest of the field hopes to knock them from the top. Several clubs have gone back-to-back, but only one club ever has managed to win three consecutive EuroLeague titles: Rigas ASK of Latvia from 1958-60, the first three seasons of the competition’s existence. So, it’s been a while. One thing is for sure—we can’t wait for the 2023 tournament!

Check out more plays and drills from Antonios Kourmoulis on his Playbank page.

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