Using Zipper Action to Set Up Multiple Scoring Options

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Coach Dymetrius Ware shares a series of Zipper action-based plays with a variety of finishing options for multiple players and positions.

By Dymetrius Ware

Zipper action can seem like such a simple action to run because, on the surface, it is. Yet it’s a lot more complex than people might think once you dive a bit deeper into it. It can be used to initiate an offense, disguise a set play or go right into a quick-hitting score. Another great reason to run zipper actions is that they can be used to set up any position or player to score, giving your offense a huge amount of versatility.

TeamFastModel contributor Coach Dymetrius Ware has been running zipper action for years at the high school and college levels. We asked why he loves it so much, how he utilizes it throughout a season and if he could share a few of his favorite zipper action looks. Enjoy!

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Zipper Flare

Personally, I love a good flare action out of any set. This one incorporates the zipper into a quick hitting 3pt shot. The zipper in this set allows you to free up your shooter, especially if it is an athletic 2 or 3 . In this case we use our 2, placing him on the low block to free him up coming off 5. We call this “drifting up” to the weak side of the floor where the 4 will set the flare screen. The first look is 2 off the zipper flare, while 3 acts as a decoy coming to ball side corner. Yet, if the defense takes away 2 on the flare, then we have another shooter in the strong side corner. It’s always good to have a secondary option off a set like this, especially when defenses start scouting your primary option.

Zipper Action to PNR

The zipper action allows you as a coach to run so many different actions off the set. The 2 zipper cuts hard while the 1 dribbles to the strong side corner. We could DHO with 3 here to add an extra layer, which we occasionally throw in. Timing wise, 1 pitching the ball to the 2 works faster. Next, 2 and 5 will run a high pick and roll with an empty side. The 2’s job is  to read the defense and make the right play. Progression of looks are: drive and score, hit 5 on the roll if open, or drive to draw x4 to help and drop off to 4.

Zipper Post Up

I absolutely love playing the post game, I’m just old school like that! With this quick zipper action, 2 will cut hard to the ball side of the top of the key. While this action is taking place, 3 fakes cutting low to the strong side corner like in the previous look, and instead uses the down screen from 5 and catch the pass from 2 on the weak side elbow. Immediately, 3 looks to throw into 5 sealing their defender on the block or stepping out to the short corner for a shot.

These three sets are just the tip of the iceberg in what a coach can do with zipper action. Feel free to download these to your FastDraw library and then duplicate them in order to customize more looks that fit your playing style and personnel. Get creative and see how many plays you can come up with using zipper action as the base, or build an entire series or playbook around this versatile, effective action.

BONUS: Box Zipper Down SLOB

For more plays, drills and XsOs from Coach Ware, follow his PlayBank page.

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