FastScout Success Story: Overtime Elite Prepares Players For Next Level

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With an emphasis on elite player development and technology, Overtime Elite is changing how young ballers hone their talent to reach their dreams.

Disruption to basketball’s organizational structure is nothing new; it’s been happening for decades. But there’s a group making headlines for bucking tradition and allowing players to chart a new path.

This is the identity and philosophy of Overtime Elite, which has shaken up the old model of professional basketball by offering teenage players a new option to showcase their skills, and ultimately realize their dreams of making it to the next level.

For those unfamiliar, Overtime Elite (or OTE, as it calls itself) is a professional basketball league for players between 16-20 years old that offers both a salary and scholarship option to high-school aged players. It launched in 2021 with three teams based in Atlanta, and the league expanded to six teams in 2022, adding the Hillcrest Bruins, Our Savior Lutheran Falcons and Word of God Holy Rams.

Overtime Elite boasts some of the game’s biggest names as coaches: Kevin Ollie serves as Head of Coaching and Basketball Development, while Dave Leitao leads City Reapers, Ryan Gomes leads Cold Hearts and Tim Fannings leads the YNG Dreamerz. It has also attracted brand partnerships with leading companies such as State Farm, Gatorade and Topps as well as a streaming deal with Amazon Prime Video.

It’s safe to say Overtime Elite has quickly become a key component of the basketball ecosystem. With all that said, the league isn’t just making waves off the court.

Prioritizing Player Development

On the court, developing players’ talent is OTE’s top priority. The league’s biggest selling point to players, beyond offering a $100K salary or a scholarship, is the chance to improve their game at a much higher rate than they can playing a traditional high school season. NBA-caliber practice courts, weight rooms and other facilities are available for players to access, as well as promotion on OTE’s numerous social media channels.

Before its inception, OTE conducted and gathered extensive research on what young players were missing out on in the basketball climate that existed in 2019.

  • Player Development: Lack of access to the best training, coaching and facilities
  • Education: Academics are not prioritized and applicable professional skills training is ignored
  • Economic Empowerment: Players are restricted from realizing their market value

With these insights in mind, Overtime Elite founded its league to help serve the next generation of athletes. Using technology to provide players the best coaching, training and analysis possible is a major piece of the OTE game plan. We caught up with Kevin Ollie, OTE’s Head of Coaching and Player Development, to chat about its combined use of FastDraw and FastScout with its roster of up-and-coming hoopers.

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Q&A With Overtime Elite’s Kevin Ollie

FastModel Sports: Can you give us a brief overview of your coaching staff and structure?

Overtime Elite: OTE has three teams based in Atlanta: City Reapers, Cold Hearts and YNG Dreamerz. Each team has a head coach, two assistant coaches and one video coordinator on its staff.

FMS: How do the staffs utilize FastScout during the season and offseason with each team?

OTE: Our team uses FastScout in order to keep all of our playbooks, personnel, and information in one easy-to-access location. It helps us make sure we are all on the same page as we prepare for the season and get a jump start into training camp.

FMS: What is your favorite feature of both FastDraw & FastScout?

OTE: Here at OTE we are in a bit of a different situation where we have three different teams that we are working with and there are a ton of moving parts, especially during the off-season. The fact that we can add video to our playbook is huge in helping to keep all of our players on the same page.

FMS: This is your second season using FastScout. How has the usage increased/changed compared to last season?

OTE: To be honest, not much has changed this season. Overall, we as coaches have gotten more efficient with creating on the platform and the players more comfortable with utilizing it.

FMS: What do OTE players like most about FastScout?

OTE: The players like how they can have their matchup stats, video and the opposing playbook all in one place, the FastScout app, for the scouting reports. It makes it easy for them to lock in and prepare for every game using a technology they are super comfortable with in their own mobile device.

FMS: How have FastDraw & FastScout helped you better communicate to your players and staff?

OTE: It helps us to make sure everyone can be brought up to speed remotely, prior to meeting as a team. This allows our meetings to be more efficient and effective.

FMS: How is FastModel’s product suite a competitive advantage for OTE as you prepare players for a career in basketball?

OTE: Simply put, FastModel’s programs help us treat our players like the professionals they are and prepare our them for the next level. By introducing and getting them used to the type of detailed scouting reports and pre-game preparation that are required to know in a league like the NBA, we set them up for successful careers.

FMS: What would you tell other coaches are the top three reasons to purchase and use FastDraw and FastScout?

OTE: FastModel’s programs are fully customizable to fit any team’s preferences. All scouting, video and playbook content is in one place, meaning players are able to have everything they need to prepare remotely in a simple to use format. It is truly a game changer for any team.

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Trey Parker during a preseason game between City Reapers and California Basketball Club on Thursday, October 20, 2022 at OTE Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Adam Hagy/Overtime Elite)

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