#ChampionsUseFastModel: FMS Clients Celebrate Hoops & Hockey Titles in 2024

By FastModel Sports

FastModel Hockey Minnesota Wild NHL Draft Scouting

FastModel Hockey is on the rise as several NHL teams also used FastScout to evaluate prospects and help make selections in the June draft.

Evolution and innovation are in our DNA at FastModel Sports. So is helping our clients hang championship banners. 

The year 2024 has been a banner year for our company as we’ve accomplished both of these objectives in a big way.

Teams in both the National Basketball Association and National Hockey League collected trophies with the help of our elite coaching software programs. Congratulations to the Boston Celtics and the Florida Panthers!

FastModel Hockey Enters The Chat

The work continued immediately heading into the off season as several NBA and NHL clubs implemented FastScout as a tool to build custom player reports on college prospects with stats, shot charts, lineup data, and more. These digital files served as a one-stop shop for coaches, executives, player personnel to collaborate and share information across departments. 

We’ve been supporting basketball staffs in the NBA and NCAA for going on 15 years. Behind the scenes, our team of engineers had been building something exciting to grow our business and do what we do best: help more coaches win more games.

FastModel Sports officially launched our much-anticipated hockey products in 2022. FastDraw and FastScout Hockey give coaching staffs everything they need at their fingertips to achieve success.

FastDraw Hockey

Coaches can diagram animated plays, build and organize a tactical library, export video animation for sharing, and attach video from any source to plays and playbooks.

FastScout Hockey

Coaches can research opponents, craft customized reports with video and automated data, and seamlessly deliver game-changing information to players and staff. Features include practice planning templates, player development guides, game preparation reports, player pre-scouts, and coaches cards.

For more details, read this in-depth article from the Pro Hockey Video Coaches blog on How To Game Prep Using FastModel Hockey, and click the button below to check out the FastModel Hockey website.

FastModel Hockey at the NHL Draft

With the ProspectView feature, coaches and executives enjoy the most advanced player evaluation and database management tool in hockey. Maintain an in-depth player database, construct draft boards and depth charts, and integrate comprehensive prospect evaluations all in one platform. From recruiting to drafting, the product helps build your team’s future.

The Minnesota Wild adopted both FastDraw and FastScout Hockey within its staff and found success using the seamless workflow, on and off the ice. The scouting product particularly helped during the NHL draft process, leading to the Wild selecting six players for its class of 2024 on June 29 in Las Vegas, NV. Mat Sells, Assistant General Manager of the Wild, experienced the massive impact on draft day.

Beyond the NHL, our hockey products are trusted by and utilized in the Professional Women’s Hockey League, NCAA, and international hockey leagues and teams.

The Future of FastModel Sports

We changed the game over a decade ago when it came to XsOs, coaching, scouting, and game preparation. Now we’re changing it again with prospect evaluation and player personnel analysis. Stay tuned to see what we come up with next, because we’ll never stop innovating, evolving, and helping coaches and teams win titles.


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