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Offensive Trends – C Game (New Motion)

Offensive Trends – C Game (New Motion)

Turn on any NBA game and plenty of college games and you will most certainly see some variation of an offense ran through the elbows, similar to horns but not quite.  This offense is commonly referred to as C-Game, Push or as I have referred to it as the “New Motion.”  There are man reads

Playing Off the Post

In the game of basketball getting the ball to the post can create a plethora of opportunities everywhere on the court.  One of the biggest lost arts is post entry passing.  The majority of this issue is because the guards love to dominate the scoring and play making.  Unfortunately today, even at the highest levels,

Mastering the Pick and Roll

Keeping offense simple but structured allows players to work instinctively within a system.  In past newsletters I have discussed Horns action and Pitch early offense action but while both Horns and Pitch can be executed quickly, often times getting into action within the first 6-8 seconds of a possession and attacking the first available advantage

Advanced Horns Action

Coaches, I hope this note finds you well and that your team is experiencing much success on the court.  Below is a newsletter, the first of many in which myself and other members of our staff at ELEV|8 will cover a plethora of topics from game observations, to skill development, to scouting, to offense, defense and more.  Hopefully