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March 17, 2015 - U.S. - SPORTS -- The Lobos' Josie Greenwood, Bryce Owens, Brooke Allemand and Laneah Bryan, from left, do agility drills during practice in Johnson Gym on Tuesday, March 17, 2015. The Lobo's will play North Dakota in the Women's Basketball Invitational game on Wednesday, March 18, 2015. (Credit Image: � Greg Sorber/Albuquerque Journal/ZUMA Wire)

3 Drills to Improve Basketball Footwork & Agility

3 Drills to Improve Basketball Footwork & Agility

Here are a few drills to use in the Summer to improve your footwork and agility on the court! Combine Agility 1. Start on the baseline and sprint to half-court. 2. Carioca across half-court to the opposite sideline. 3. Backpedal to the baseline. 4. Carioca to the finish. 5. Rest and repeat a pre-determined number


Creating Feeder Systems in High School Basketball

A common complaint I hear from numerous high school coaches is that when the Freshman class arrives on campus in the fall, they are not very skilled on the basics of basketball. (Check out my post, tips on coaching youth basketball, geared towards players 12 and under.) Because high school coaches have their own offensive and defensive philosophies, they

2014 Men’s Final Four Preview

FastModel is devoted to providing the most cutting edge products when it comes to preparing for your opponents. We have decided to take this technology and share with you a scouting report breaking down each team and their key players. Click the link below to download your copy today! If you want to learn more

Creating a Culture of Belief with Positivity from Jon Gordon

Last year on my trip to the Men’s Final Four, I was fortunate enough to hear renowned speaker Jon Gordon. If you are not familiar with Jon, I highly recommend you hop over to his website after reading and sign up for his newsletter and purchase his books, you won’t be disappointed. As the season is underway

Mick Cronin’s Cincinnati Bearcats Basketball Philosophy

Notes taken from the 2012 Brayden Carr Foundation Coaching Clinic. University of Cincinnati Men’s Basketball Coach Mick Cronin spoke on some of his on and off court philosophies for the Bearcats! Off the Court Each day his players are being recruited to not listen to him (from outsiders). Accept it and work to counteract that negativity-why

Importance of Planning and Tracking Basketball Training & Practices

by Joe Lucas Joe is the founder and head trainer at The World of Hoops. The World of Hoops provides intelligent and intense basketball skill and strength training, both online and in-person. There is a reason lanes are painted on the highway; if drivers didn’t have those lines, no one would know where to drive. There would