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8 Tips to a Better Relationship With Your Boss

8 Tips to a Better Relationship With Your Boss

Most of us have a boss. Someone that has a lot of say as to our professional fate. For head coaches overwhelmed with the demands of running a program, investing time in building a better relationship with their athletic director—often called “managing up”— can seem daunting. Many coaches don’t feel heard by administration and don’t

The Key to Creating High Performing Teams

At the What Drives Winning Conference a few years ago Florida softball coach, Tim Walton, referenced a TED Talk by business leader, Margaret Heffernan. In it, she cites research by evolutionary biologist who studied productivity using chickens. William Muir devised an experiment to find out what would make chickens produce more eggs. Chickens live in groups, so

Team Culture Tips – Oklahoma Coach Sherri Coale

Maybe you’ve read the book What Drives Winning by Brett Ledbetter—the culmination of hundreds of interviews with pro athletes, championship coaches and leading researchers that uncover the intangibles necessary for success. He held a conference last year, and in checking out the videos on his website I came across this interview with Oklahoma women’s basketball coach,

9 Steps to Transforming Your Team Culture

Lenny Krebs has been coaching high school basketball for nearly 20 years. Last year was the first time he made team culture king. What he learned has had such a profound impact on his players and his coaching philosophy that he will never go back to his former ways. I met Lenny at the PGC/Glazier