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5 Ways to Handle a Recruiting Miss

5 Ways to Handle a Recruiting Miss

College coaches invest a ton of time, money and energy in the beast called recruiting. Phone calls, text messages, creative mailers. Planning and executing one-of-a-kind experiences otherwise known as official visits. All this in order to learn as much about recruits as possible—a process that goes on not for months, but typically years. And yet, even

5 Steps to Sharper Focus

In a world brimming with distraction, maintaining focus is more important than ever. The best way to cut through all the information and interruption is to develop laser-like clarity around who you are and why you coach. Clarity also helps keep your engine going when fear and discouragement creep in. The framework developed by the

3 Tips to Better Self-Leadership

Confession: I’m a Coke addict. You might not believe me since I don’t drink a six pack a day or even a week. I feel like an addict, though, because of how I have used Coke. I can find lots of “reasons” to have a Coke. Sad, lonely, depressed? Have a Coke (and a smile!). Happy, excited,

One Simple Way to Radically Impact 2016

We all love a fresh start. A clean slate. There’s something energizing about flipping the calendar over to January. A number of years ago during my life coach training, my instructor (Lynn Meinke) shared the following exercise with our class and I’ve been using it ever since. It’s a thoughtful way to take stock of

Two Questions to Help You Create the Team Culture You Want

“Two Questions to Help You Create the Team Culture You Want” by Stephanie Zonars was originally published by The latest buzzword when it comes to leading teams is “culture.” Everyone is talking about it, but what’s it really mean?  In its simplest form, “culture” represents how groups of people function. Whether a family, team, business or organization