Job Posting: Quality Assurance Engineer

Quality Assurance Engineer

Reports to: Director of Engineering
Position Based in Chicago

Engineers at FastModel build tools used by coaches who take their game seriously. Our product suite includes desktop apps, websites, mobile apps, and backend services. Product quality has always been critical to our company’s success so, to join the team, you must passionate about user experience, robustness, and design. Today’s software platforms evolve rapidly so you must be flexible and a fast, independent learner. Above all, we are looking for people who have a visible track record of delivering high-quality software.

You will have a critical role in our product delivery workflow, and you will:

  • Be an advocate for our customers, to ship them the best possible product
  • Identify user experience problems in existing and new products
  • Write test cases for desktop, mobile, and web apps
  • Manually test these apps
  • Write test scripts for client and server apps, where possible
  • Monitor unit test coverage to identify gaps for developers to cover
  • Work within a clearly-defined Jira workflow
  • Triage issues reported by customer support staff
  • Distribute builds to beta testers 
  • Be the final authority to approve all apps before shipping

Why You Might Be Interested:

  1. Our Clients are the Best Sports Brands in the World: FastModel has developed the industry’s best software products and created incredible brand loyalty. Our clients include all 30 NBA franchises, more than 90% of NCAA Division I basketball programs and 6,000 high schools. We have expanded our footprint and brand to 75 countries. 

  2. We Take the Phrase “Top Talent” Seriously: It is one of our core values and what makes our business successful. You’ll be part of an exceptionally talented team.

  3. Our Culture is Key: What differentiates FastModel is the kinship we have with our clients and our passion for making them superstars. We empower our employees to work independently and expect high quality in return — instituting new ideas, speaking up, and pushing back on the status quo.

Our Tech Environment:

  • Languages: Java, Objective-C, Ruby, HTML/CSS, Javascript, SQL, etc.
  • Architecture: AWS (EC2, Elastic Beanstalk, S3, RDS, CloudFront, Route53, CloudWatch), Jenkins, Hockey, Jira, REST, SOAP, MySQL
  • Integrations: SalesForce, PayPal