Job Posting: Software Engineer

Sr. Full-Stack Software Engineer

Reports to: Director of Engineering
Position Based in Chicago

Software Engineers at FastModel build tools used by coaches who take their game seriously.  Are you up to task?  Can you:

  • Deliver code quickly, but avoid creating technical debt.
  • Keep up to date on the latest software trends, but avoid fads.
  • Simultaneously teach and learn from others.
  • Create user experiences that are intuitive and self-explanatory, but unfold to reveal multiple layers of increasing complexity.

If so, you’ll get a chance to perfect your craft in a high-energy, all-star, startup environment.  We are an open-minded group and welcome applicants from all backgrounds.  Some of the people you’ll work with include:

You will build new products and rebuild existing products.  We share responsibilities on most projects, but you should have the expertise to independently build a production-ready application.  We are looking for generalists who enjoy learning new skills.  You should have experience in a few (but not necessarily all) of the following areas:

  • Web: Ruby, Rails, JSP, JQuery, SCSS, SASS, session management, cookies, login, and authentication, Memcached, JRuby, Haml, CoffeeScript, AngularJS, Backbone, Ember
  • Design: UI/UX, Typography, wireframing, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Adobe CS
  • Mobile apps: iOS, Android, Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, Java, Push Notifications
  • Desktop apps: Java Swing, Windows & Mac installers
  • Backend services: Linux, Java Servlets, REST APIs, SQL and NoSQL databases, Redis, concurrency, Web Application Security (eg., the OWASP Top 10), payment processing, Salesforce

Our Company:

We are a tenacious, bootstrapped, and profitable small business founded ten years ago by our CEO, Ross Comerford.  What differentiates FastModel is the kinship we have with our clients and our passion for making them superstars.  Our customers include every NBA and WNBA team and more than 90% of NCAA Division I basketball programs and 6,000 high schools.  Check out our Twitter feed to see what our customers are saying about us: