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Tony Parker

Team France – Motion Weak

Team France – Motion Weak

Made iconic by the San Antonio Spurs, Team France also runs “Motion Weak” to perfection in international play. With Spurs vets such as Tony Parker and Boris Diaw at the helm, it is no surprise that the French National Team is adept at running the San Antonio Spurs “Motion Weak” action as an early offense

Four-Low BLOBs

Two baseline out-of-bounds plays from a pair of elite programs – Arizona and Texas A&M – featuring the four-low alignment.  In these two baseline out of bounds sets from the Arizona Wildcats and the Texas A&M Lady Aggies we see the common theme of the four-low alignment. One features the seamless connection of inbounds to

Championship #XsOs – Villanova Wildcats

The Villanova Wildcats won the 2016 National Championship over the North Carolina Tarheels in dramatic fashion Monday night. With 4.7 seconds on the clock the Wildcats ran a great end of game pitch set to get Kris Jenkins an open look at 3 and the championship. Nova also runs a terrific 4-out motion offense that Coach