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Women's Final Four

The Sweet 16 to Vegas

The Sweet 16 to Vegas

Why Sweet 16 to Las Vegas? The “Sweet 16 to Vegas” isn’t a new idea for the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament.  I started exploring the Sweet 16 to Vegas concept 6 years ago, an idea introduced on “Shootaround with Beth and Debbie.” “Shootaround” was a podcast for change in the women’s game, introducing new and

Aleksandar Petrovic

6 Ways to Be Coachable

(6 Ways to Be Coachable by Mason Waters was first published by Players, coaches want you to be successful. As a coach, I know I can say that honestly. I want my players to be successful. I really do. And I could care less about the ‘glory’ of it, if anyone knows I helped

Program Spotlight: St. Charles Spartans

When Coach Brett Campbell walked into his first day as head coach of the St. Charles Spartans, he faced one of the biggest challenges of his coaching career. As a brand new, first year high school, Coach Campbell had players joining together from eight different schools and coaches coming from three different programs.  Learn how

Final Four – A Professional Development Opportunity

College students get spring break for vacation. College basketball coaches get the Final Four. However, for eight coaching staffs the men’s and women’s Final Fours really are business trips. If you have a goal of reaching the game’s pinnacle event on the bench and not at the bar down the street, you need to take