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What I’ve Learned at Camp – 6 States, 14 Programs

What I’ve Learned at Camp – 6 States, 14 Programs

I’ve only been a college assistant for four seasons, but I’ve been lucky to have worked multiple camps in several states during the past 3 summers. I’ve learned a lot, met a lot of great coaches, and became a better coach working with campers of all ages. I know that many coaches have worked more

Mastering the Pick and Roll

Keeping offense simple but structured allows players to work instinctively within a system.  In past newsletters I have discussed Horns action and Pitch early offense action but while both Horns and Pitch can be executed quickly, often times getting into action within the first 6-8 seconds of a possession and attacking the first available advantage

Motion Offense – Implementing Dribble Handoffs

Tips for implementing dribble handoffs into a four-out motion offense while staying within the screening rules.  The dribble handoff is an action that is increasing in popularity at all levels of basketball. Many coaches are using dribble handoffs much the same as ball screens. The goals are to create a switch, give a player an

BLOB System – Odd, Even, Zero

Odd, Even, Zero – A complete baseline out of bounds system run on a “silent count.” Baseline out of bounds plays can provide hidden points for your team throughout the season. In addition to providing an extra scoring punch, your BLOBs should connect with your offensive philosophy and flow seamlessly into your halfcourt offense. Further,