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5 Exercises for ACL Injury Prevention

5 Exercises for ACL Injury Prevention

ACL, 3 little letters, everyone knows them, and everyone knows hearing them as an injury diagnosis can make your heart sink. The injury will ruin a season and require months of rehab. Even after that one can only hope to be back to normal, but with the mental block that often comes with the injury

Virginia Cavaliers Mover-Blocker Offense

Much of the talk from college basketball fans and media this season has been about the Kentucky Wildcats and their pursuit of an undefeated season. Rightfully so, John Calipari’s crew has a chance to make history. However, the team that I get asked more about than any other team by coaches is the Virginia Cavaliers. Coaches are

Disguised Conditioning Drills – Part 1

Coaches around the globe know that very few players actively want to participate in conditioning drills.  If you need any proof, just tell your players to “get on the line” and watch their heads lower. While conditioning is not usually an enjoyable part of basketball for either players or coaches, it is unfortunately a necessary