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Afterschool Programs For the Win!

Afterschool Programs For the Win!

This post comes from DC Alliance of Youth Advocates and ‘tips off’ DCAYA’s eBay auction for the “Ivory Latta Experience“.  All proceeds will go toward DCAYA’s work in expanding access to quality afterschool and summer programs for all District youth.    As an assistant coach for the WNBA’s Washington Mystics, I’m very lucky to have sports pay

Using Effort Goals

How to use goals to keep players motivated Effort Goals are a Powerful Tool Encourage players to set effort goals instead of outcome goals Effort goals are largely under a players control regardless of the competition Players that are recognized for trying hard, will be more likely to continue Getting players to understand what it

Gooroo Drill: Pride Rebounding

[vimeo id=”81046564″] Practice rebounding skills using box-out technique Setup One coach with ball is positioned around free throw line acting as shooter Six players are in the paint, with three designated as offensive team and three on defensive team Instructions Coach attempts jump shot (missing on purpose), and players in the paint position themselves for

Gooroo Drill: Partner Box-Out

[vimeo id=”81046562″] Teach players box-out technique Setup Split players into two groups, forming two parallel lines 4-6 feet apart across the key facing each other Line facing basket is designated offensive team, while line with back to basket is on defense Players stand at least an arm’s length from each other and are partnered up

Gooroo Drill: Olympic Shooting

[vimeo id=”72912808″] Improve shooting, conditioning, and teamwork Setup Line up three players at each basket (see diagram) Each group of three players has two balls Instructions Two players with balls start One player takes shot, follows shot, and passes to player without ball (Player 1 shoots and passes to Player 3, Player 2 shoots and