Professional Solutions

Designed for NCAA Division I and Professional teams  that are competing at the highest level. We offer a selection of Advanced Suites that are tailored to the needs of competitive staffs with demanding schedules. When you join our team, you are in good company – the vast majority of professional teams and over 600 NCAA Division I programs are using our products. That’s a lot of #TeamFastModel Championships in the making. 

Win More Games

The most successful coaches are always looking for ways to evolve their strategies — our suites give you the tools to build winning game plans.

Save Time

If it takes you longer than 5 minutes to hunt down and analyze crucial stats to make game-time decisions, you’re wasting valuable time. Our automatic statistic feeds & player photos eliminate time wasted on data entry — and gives you the stats you need to determine if you’re going to trap a ball screen or jam it.

Keep Your Staff In Sync & Organized

Your staff is loaded with high basketball IQ, so utilize FastShare to create one streamlined library to tap into that knowledge it when you need it most. How many options do you have for this situation: 10 SECONDS left…down 2…ball on the left sideline?  FastDraw users have endless options to win this game.

Keep Everyone In the Loop On The Go

Coaches are constantly on the road or in the gym, and when they’re not, they’d like to watch more film, make more calls…or spend quality time with their families. Utilize multiple seat licenses on one network to ensure that your entire staff is always connected no matter where they are.

Customize Your Workflow

No two scouting reports are exactly alike — and your staff has its own unique approach. Our Advanced Suites offer the option to include enhanced features & report template customization designed with the professional user in mind.

Elevate Your Game to A New Level

You’re a perfectionist, so don’t settle for average. Get a jump on the competition with our private product trainings, individual workflow consultations, and advanced technical support that can be included in your suite.


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