Dribble Drive & Special Teams E-Clinic

On October 18, 2016, Coach Greg White joined Justin Scanson of FastModel Sports to present on the foundations of Dribble Drive Motion and the importance of Special Teams (BLOB/SLOB/ATO/EOC). Watch the video recording today.

During the session, Justin and Coach White shared 23 plays, 1 teaching diagram, and 2 drills. Grab your free copy of the e-clinic PDF playbook here. If you have our FastDraw Play Diagramming Software and registered for the e-clinic, you will be receiving a FastTrade of the playbook to your FastDraw account. To obtain your FastTrade immediately, visit the October E-Clinic Playbook Page, click “Send to “FastDraw”, and enter the email address associated with your FastDraw account. Email messages@fastmodelsports.com if you purchase FastDraw after the clinic and would like to receive the FastTrade.