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5 Ways to Lead Players Who Don’t Want to Be Led

Recently I helped facilitate a Captains&#8217; Academy for college women&#8217;s basketball team leaders. Some of their questions dealt with how to lead teammates who don&#8217;t want to be led. Teammates with bad attitudes, poor effort or both. A few days after the Academy, I read a terrific article7 Ways to Lead People Who Don&#8217;t Want to<a href="" title="Read more" >...</a>

NBA Playoffs &#8211; Best Sets of Round One

The first round of the 2016 NBA Playoffs have been disappointing so far, but the Xs &amp; Os have been great. Although there has not been a great end of game set or special situation, there still has been some great coaching and sets. &nbsp; Memphis Grizzlies &#8211; Punch Hammer Memphis went small against the<a href="" title="Read more" >...</a>

Upset X&#8217;s &amp; O&#8217;s &#8211; Inside the Offense of Stephen F. Austin

Inside the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks Offense &#8211; Coach Brad Underwood A lot of fans just assume Stephen F. Austin came out of nowhere, but they couldn&#8217;t be more wrong. Since 2007, the Lumberjacks are 227-65, they&#8217;ve won the Southland Conference regular season 5 times, won the Southland Conference Tournament 4 times, appeared in the<a href="" title="Read more" >...</a>

NCAA Tournament &#8211; East Region Preview

The Teams Make no mistake about it, the East Region is one of the strongest regions in this years NCAA tournament. From top to bottom, there is no other bracket featuring this caliber of  teams. From a coach&#8217;s perspective, the East Region seems as if it was hand-picked for a basketball junkies enjoyment. Upon first<a href="" title="Read more" >...</a>

A Season of Significance

Basketball seasons are winding down all across the country. This is a time of great excitement and anticipation, as teams prepare for their post-season tournaments with dreams and goals of an eventual state championship. However, it is also a time of reflection for coaches and athletes alike. Late in a season we sometimes play the<a href="" title="Read more" >...</a>

FastModel Friday: Top 10 NCAA Sets of January

FastModel Friday is back again and we are looking at the best sets in the month of January. I did a video of the best sets from November and December (you can view that here) and I am continuing this idea with a breakdown of Januarys best sets that college basketball has to offer. I<a href="" title="Read more" >...</a>

Wrinkles to Create Open Shots Within Your Offense

As the second half of the season is getting ready to kick off and teams are beginning to enter conference play, it is vital that coaches add some new wrinkles into their offense to keep opponents honest. The efficiency of your team&#8217;s offense is dictated by your ability to take care of the ball, create<a href="" title="Read more" >...</a>

Inside Players &#8211; Keys to Great Post Play

18 Keys to Develop Your Post Players Post men must have a positive self-image. They are conspicuous. Make them proud that they are tall. Its important that the big guy touches the ball. Get him involved even if his primary role is defense, to set screens, or to rebound. Always teach your interior players how<a href="" title="Read more" >...</a>

Blowouts Great Character in a Challenging Situation

A friend of mine who has been a football coach for the last 20 years is now coaching his 4th-grade sons soccer team. He does not know soccer all that much, but he is a good teacher/coach, so he was asked to coach the team. His son is a very good athlete and soccer player.<a href="" title="Read more" >...</a>

Motion Offense &#8211; Transition Attack

Tips for connecting the primary break attack with four-out motion offense as seamlessly as possibly.   While building a motion offense with excellence in the halfcourt in mind is vital, flowing into that offense from the transition game can improve possessions. Designing an up-tempo transition offense that connects with your motion offense is paramount. Being &#8220;seamless&#8221; is<a href="" title="Read more" >...</a>