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Pack Line Playbook: Post Defense

Three post defense concepts &#8211; walling up, choking the post and post traps &#8211; from the Pack Line defense. The focal point of post defense within Pack Line principles is to limit deep catches. Pack Line teams want to keep the ball out of the &#8220;Post Box&#8221; altogether (see diagram below). When the ball does<a href="" title="Read more" >...</a>

Pack Line Playbook: On To Off

In Pack Line defense, the ability to go &#8220;on-to-off&#8221; (and back on again) on airtime is vital to protecting the paint and contesting shots. Moving on airtime of the pass is vital to any defense. There is no scenario in which the ball moves and a defender does not. In Pack Line defense teammates must<a href="" title="Read more" >...</a>

Pack Line Playbook: Lock And Trail

Pack Line Playbook: Defending single and double down screens within the Pack Line Defense using the &#8220;Lock and Trail&#8221; technique. The Pack Line style of defense features some unwaivering absolutes. There are specific rules and techniques that change little from game-to-game or opponent-to-opponent.The mindset is to do a few things and do them well. We will<a href="" title="Read more" >...</a>

March Madness Roundup

The NCAA Tournament is one the the best times of the year for basketball fans and coaches. This year was no different. March Madness was full of exciting games, upsets, and great X&#8217;s &amp; O&#8217;s. Here are the Top 10 March Madness posts from 1 &#8211; South Carolina Pressure Man Defense by Randy Sherman Before<a href="" title="Read more" >...</a>

Post Defense

Pack Line Pointers &#8211; Splits And Rips

Using splits and rip cuts can be an effective way to exploit the post defense teaching points of Pack Line man-to-man defenses. Pack Line defenses treat entries into the post box (see diagram below) as a defensive disaster. The immediate response is to get the ball out of the post.  They accomplish this using two<a href="" title="Read more" >...</a>

Cuse v UW

Pack Line Pointers &#8211; Skips And Relays

Using skip and &#8220;relay&#8221; passes can be an effective way to exploit the helping nature of Pack Line man-to-man defenses. Pack Line defenses are all about helping early and building a wall around the paint. This can be troublesome for teams who are overly reliant on dribble penetration to create offense. While the Pack Line&#8217;s<a href="" title="Read more" >...</a>

Packline Defense

Pack Line Pointers

First in a series of pointers to help coaches find offense against the increasingly popular Pack Line style of man-to-man defense. The Pack Line Defense is all the rage at many levels of play. For several teams, facing a well-schooled Pack Line opponent can feel like a trip to the dentist. The defense can congest driving lanes and<a href="" title="Read more" >...</a>


Practice Planning Process

A look inside the practice planning process by examining a one-day &#8220;snapshot&#8221; of a basketball practice plan. Practice planning is an art form best learned through trial and error. There is no perfect plan or template. Coaches must tweak their process until they feel what they are doing with practice time elicits the most transference<a href="" title="Read more" >...</a>

Final Four &#8211; Villanova Ball Screen Concepts

The four basic ball screen concepts featured in the Villanova Wildcats&#8217; Spread Four-Out Motion Offense Attack The Villanova Wildcats (33-5) survived the South Region to advance to Houston and will face the Oklahoma Sooners (29-7) in the Final Four. Jay Wright has his club in the National Semifinals for the first time since 2009. The immaculate<a href="" title="Read more" >...</a>

Turn Up The Intensity: 3-on-3 Guts

Refine your team defense, motion offense and mental toughness with this live, competitive drill: 3-on-3 Guts. Basketball teams across the country at all levels are getting back into the gym for preseason workouts soon. Early season practices feature a lot of &#8220;install&#8221; and team concepts. Do not neglect drills that measure your team&#8217;s competitive fire<a href="" title="Read more" >...</a>