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  1. Linda Hill-MacDonald said:

    Good morning! This is Linda Hill-MacDonald from Canisius College in Buffalo, NY. We have subscribed to the FastModel Scouting program for this season. However, our DOBO, Lea Sobieraski, who was assigned to set up the service has been out sick for the past three weeks. Is there anyway that one of the other assistant coaches can be provided with the information needed to create our scouting template so we can get started using the service?

  2. Michael Brown said:

    My name is Michael Brown. I have an account with FastDraw and FastScout. I did not know my subscription automatically re-news. I renewed my account a week ago, but I used a credit card from a different account. Today I had another charge from the original card on the account. I was charged twice. I need to get re-funded to my account. Looking for someone to contact