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Keys to Designing a Dribble Drive Motion Practice Plan

Keys to Designing a Dribble Drive Motion Practice Plan

A comprehensive approach to creating a practice plan that simultaneously focuses on skill development and game-like situations. The Craft of Practice Planning Practice planning is one of the great obsessions of basketball coaches at all levels. There is probably no aspect of their job that coaches spend more time on then designing the perfect practice plan. As a

Ball Screen

Ball Screen And Roll Shooting

Ball Screen and Roll Shooting – A teaching and shooting drill to introduce wing ball screen progressions. The wing ball screen is a common way to create an advantage for the ball handler, the roll man or a third player. Increasingly, teams are running the wing ball screen directly from transition offense with an empty

The Swing Offense – Breakdown Drills

Use these breakdown drills to get repetitions and train decision making in The Swing Offense made famous by the Wisconsin Badgers. In 2015, the Wisconsin Badgers advanced to the NCAA National Championship game under the watchful eye of recently retired coach Bo Ryan. En route, Ryan’s Badgers featured the most efficient offense in college basketball (1.28