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BBALLBREAKDOWN – Princeton Offense Chin Series

BBALLBREAKDOWN – Princeton Offense Chin Series

Coach Nick got on the court to demonstrate one of FastModel’s most popular set – the Chin Series out of the Princeton Offense. Used by some NBA teams and a lot of colleges, it’s a great way to put pressure on the defense with back door cuts and penetration with the pass to create either

UConn Chin Series

The University of Connecticut Women’s Basketball team won their 10th NCAA Championship and 3rd in a row Tuesday night. Coach Geno Auriemma has won titles with some of the greatest players in women’s basketball history. Loaded again with 3 All Americans (Stewart, Mosqueda-Lewis, Jefferson) UConn ran a number of Chin sets that put the Notre Dame defense

NCAA Tournament X’s and O’s – Michigan State

Michigan State ran this play early against Virginia in the NCAA round of 32. MSU runs this Forwards Out look, which is very similar to NBA Chin action but with the guards and forwards inverted, and can run many different options out of it. In the round of 64 against Georgia, the Spartans used a