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Photojournalist Suchat Person (Left) on assignment photographing The University of Delaware Women's Basketball team in the huddle on his day off prior to a NCAA college basketball game against Northeastern Sunday, Feb. 26, 2012 at the Bob Carpenter Center in Newark, Del.

How to Turn Quiet Players into Vocal Leaders

How to Turn Quiet Players into Vocal Leaders

“The athletes I want to lead the team are too quiet. They won’t speak up!” If you’re a coach, I bet you’ve made a statement like this (and if you haven’t you’re in the minority!). I hear it a LOT. On the journey of leader development leading by example usually happens first. We look at athletes

Creating a Culture of Belief with Positivity from Jon Gordon

Last year on my trip to the Men’s Final Four, I was fortunate enough to hear renowned speaker Jon Gordon. If you are not familiar with Jon, I highly recommend you hop over to his website after reading and sign up for his newsletter and purchase his books, you won’t be disappointed. As the season is underway