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6 Types of Gap Creating Cuts

6 Types of Gap Creating Cuts

Six types of gap creating cuts to open up and exploit enlarged spaces for dribble penetration: 45°, Wave, Through, Fan, Euro, Basket. If there is one offensive concept worth the risk of “taking too far” it would be the creation of space. With the proliferation of pack line style defenses at the lower levels, maintaining

Eisbaeren Bremerhaven vs. Giessen 46ers

Offensive Concepts – Enlarge the Defense

Conceptual-based offensive basketball is anchored by principles. The first of which is “enlarging the defense.” The beginnings of coaching and playing basketball conceptually lie with spacing. Spacing entails not only selecting an alignment (i.e. four-out) but allowing the basketball room to breathe within the possession. Tactics for enlarging the defense and creating space are vital