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Attacking With Clear Outs

Attacking With Clear Outs

Three sets and concepts for using clear outs and attacking the defense in space. Defending a dynamic player in space is difficult. Defending a dynamic player coming downhill into enlarged gap space can be near impossible. Clear outs can be of great aide when you need a basket late in a game or to stop


Minnesota Timberwolves’ Post Play for the KAT!

With the hiring of Tom Thibodeau the Minnesota Timberwolves expectations have gone through the roof. Thibodeau will have an opportunity to coach a great young player in Karl-Anthony Towns. As rookie of the year last season Towns displayed both an outside and inside game. Towns shot nearly 47% from post ups last season mainly from

Motion Offense – Implementing Dribble Handoffs

Tips for implementing dribble handoffs into a four-out motion offense while staying within the screening rules.  The dribble handoff is an action that is increasing in popularity at all levels of basketball. Many coaches are using dribble handoffs much the same as ball screens. The goals are to create a switch, give a player an