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Plays YOU Can Use: Pistol Action & Counters

Plays YOU Can Use: Pistol Action & Counters

The Pistol Action has become a popular action for teams to run in transition. Depending on the team that you are watching, you might see different versions of the Pistol Action. This past season, we initiated our Pistol Action with a dribble hand off. Below are some key teaching points, as you introduce Pistol Action.

Gentry – Plays of the Week

This is part of an ongoing email newsletter produced by Stephen F. Austin Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach Stephen Gentry. To subscribe to his newsletter, drop him a note at: gentrysh@sfasu.edu Coach, This week I am including three plays. The first two plays are open post ballscreen sets with movement prior that Ohio State ran vs. Arizona

Motion Offense – Flare Screen Essentials

In the latest entry into the FastModel Motion Offense Forum, Vol. 4 deals with such topics as designating screeners and cutters, shallow cuts and flare screens. Fairly soon into your installation of motion offense, you will need to decide if you are going to designate players as either screeners or cutters in your offense. That