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NBA Finals

#PlaysOTW – NBA Finals

#PlaysOTW – NBA Finals

The Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers have been on a collision course for the NBA Finals from day one of the 2016-2017 season. The Warriors look like the most unstoppable team in the NBA history, but it is history that has taught that the series doesn’t really start until the road team wins a

FastDraw #PlayOTD – Golden State Warriors Horns Flex Elevator

Play of the Day – Golden State Warriors Horns Flex Elevator Golden State combines a flex action with an elevator screen to get Steph Curry an open 3-point shot at the top of the key. Steph cuts off of a flex screen then sprints straight through an elevator screen. FastDraw Diagram: About FastModel Sports FastModel

NBA Finals X’s & O’s – Golden State

The NBA Finals are upon us, the Golden State Warriors vs Cleveland Cavaliers. The best minds in basketball are on display and Steve Kerr has quickly been able to join the coaching ranks as one of the best X’s & O’s coaches in the NBA. ¬†Alot of what Golden State’s offense is based is what