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Iowa State

NCAA Tournament X’s & O’s – Iowa State

NCAA Tournament X’s & O’s – Iowa State

In this early offense play from ISU, the Cylones set a drag screen with Niang at the right lane line. The point guard dribbles to the middle off of the ball-screen as Niang rolls to the basket and the 5 man completes a “short roll” to the opposite block. Hoiberg likes to utilize this short

BYU Flare

NCAA Tournament – X’s & O’s – BYU

BYU ran this misdirection play against Ole Miss in the NCAA First Round. It starts with a stagger screen for the 1 man, a dangerous shooter. While this happens, 2 sets a token ballscreen for the ballhandler and immediately slips the screen. The 1 man curls the stagger and clears while the 5 man turns