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More Than Just Talk: Building Communication on Offense

More Than Just Talk: Building Communication on Offense

The benefits of better offensive communication, along with role responsibilities, practice ideas and drills to improve this area. *This is the final part in a 3-part series. Check out previous posts: Building Communication With Your Team | Building Communication on Defense Although the defensive side of the floor usually gets most of the focus when

Playing Inside Out: Passing and Cutting from the Post

Teach players key concepts and reads to playing inside out on offense in order to increase spacing and scoring opportunities.  Playing inside out has long been a focus of many basketball coaches. This often meant playing through a traditional post player who would throw the ball out if they couldn’t score. The game has changed in many ways,

The Pass Is King. Or is it?

The Passes Per Game statistic has been espoused by prominent coaches of late, but is it a worthwhile indicator? The Philadelphia 76ers had a breakout season. A healthy Joel Embiid and the addition of Ben Simmons helped the famed “Process” take a huge step towards fulfillment. The Sixers made the playoffs, won a series and

Skills and Drills: Become a Better Passer

BASKETBALL TIPS: HOW TO BECOME A BETTER PASSER by Jefferson Mason was first published by Dr. Dish at drdishbasketball.com. Basketball is a beautiful sport in many different ways and if you’re able to master a specific skill, you have the opportunity to change the game and have a huge competitive advantage over your opponent. Now

Drills to Start Practice

Coaches are always looking for effective drills to start practice. Drills at the beginning of practice should get the players loose and prepare them for the mental and physical grind of a typical practice. The start of practice is also a great time to work on fundamentals such as dribbling, passing, footwork, and shooting. I

Gooroo Drill: Olympic Shooting

[vimeo id=”72912808″] Improve shooting, conditioning, and teamwork Setup Line up three players at each basket (see diagram) Each group of three players has two balls Instructions Two players with balls start One player takes shot, follows shot, and passes to player without ball (Player 1 shoots and passes to Player 3, Player 2 shoots and