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FastDraw #PlayOTD – Virginia BLOB 4 Flat Flex

FastDraw #PlayOTD – Virginia BLOB 4 Flat Flex

Play of the Day – Virginia BLOB 4 Flat Flex Coach Tony Bennett called this play to use flex action out of a baseline out-of-bounds situation. The ball is thrown in to 5 flashing up the lane line. The point guard then sets a flex screen for 4 in the corner. If 4 isn’t open

Virginia Cavaliers Mover-Blocker Offense

Much of the talk from college basketball fans and media this season has been about the Kentucky Wildcats and their pursuit of an undefeated season. Rightfully so, John Calipari’s crew has a chance to make history. However, the team that I get asked more about than any other team by coaches is the Virginia Cavaliers. Coaches are